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Joseph G. Fearon
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Fearon was born into a railroad family and riding freight trains with his dad from the age of seven. His railroad career is over 50 years starting as crew caller, mechanist, diesel maintainer, locomotive fireman, locomotive foreman, locomotive engineer, mechanical supervisor and diesel inspector, and is intimately familiar with locomotive and railroad operations. 

In the track construction field Joe has been responsible for laying over fifteen hundred miles of track including three iron ore railroads in Australia where on the Mt. Newman Railroad his crew set a record of 4.35 miles of 132lb welded rail in 11 hours. (He has held over 60 patents foreign and domestic for various locomotive innovations. From ballast doors, tie machines to 20 cylinder engines converted to 16 cylinder engines and responsible for converting EMD - GE Locomotives to Sulzer engines and was responsible for sourcing the EMD Heavy Block in Poland.

He pioneered Morrison Knudsen's entry in to the locomotive and transit car market and was chairman and CEO of MK Australia as well as President of MKs Railgroup

Mr. Fearon still focuses the majority of his time and efforts in ensuring that Rail Solution 4U continues to provide the highest quality OEM alternatives to the industry.

Originator of over 60 US and foreign patents on track laying machines.
Over forty years of senior management experience in the railroad industry.
Specializations in the management of railroad equipment, heavy transportation vehicles and transit equipment.
Expertise in alternatives in production, maintenance and materials.
Extensive knowledge in the field of railroad products improvement, including mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic and air systems.
Starting my career with Canadian Pacific, I worked many hours in the back shop on complete steam locomotive rebuilds. I also fired and operated steam locomotives as a fireman and engine man. I have studied all phases of the steam locomotive and what it would take with future technology to revive their operation, including small nuclear reactors.
Since leaving Morrison Knudsen, I started RailSolution 4U, Inc. in 1995, and have worked for Alstom, American Motive Power, Miscor, and American Creative Energy Solutions.

Professional experience in application solutions, including equipment fabrication to meet the highest levels of quality to meet the most rigid of applications while staying competitive with market levels


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  • Air Brake Association
  • American Shortline Railway Association
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